Wednesday, 17 February 2010

101 easy ways to dress better. No 6: Show some cuff

It's easy to get too worked up about details like the lengths of your sleeves, and the internet is full of forums where you can obsess endlessly about a few millimetres here or there. It's really not terribly important compared to the basics of proper shoes, a decent fit around the coat shoulders, and a well-tied tie. Still, it's generally accepted that it is more stylish to show a half-inch or so of shirt cuffs and doing so will mark you out as someone who has taken a bit of extra care in getting a good fit. Too many people unsure about the correct fit will err on the long side, and end up with sleeves that end part-way down their hand, which does little for your general appearance.

There's plenty of room for personal taste in where, exactly, your sleeves do end, but somewhere around the wrist-bone is traditional, and well before the top of the hand is best. Whatever length the coat-sleeves are, your shirt-sleeves should be about half an inch longer. This helps to frame the jacket, and also means your cufflinks will occasionally show from underneath your suit.

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