Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The careless look of a club tie

A lot of old fashioned tie manufacturers in the UK have a long history of providing ties to schools, clubs and army regiments. These ties traditionally have a number of diagonal stripes in different widths and colours. Of course, you can now easily buy similar ties with no particular affiliation, and very smart they look too. That said, I still have a soft spot for the small number of 'real' club ties to which I am entitled. My old school tie is fairly unattractive and, famously, is appropriate to wear only on two occasions: at your wedding, and at your funeral. My other ties, however, are slightly more useful.

The thing I like most about school, club and regimental ties, apart from their uniquely British history and character, is that they can quite deliberately be worn without any consideration for whether they go with the rest of your outfit. Club ties are not designed to be carefully colour matched, or even deliberately colour contrasted. Rather, they look their best when simply added to an outfit which, while immaculate in all other respects, does not go with the tie at all.


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