Sunday, 14 February 2010

Odd waistcoats

As I might have mentioned, I'm a great fan of waistcoats; I think anything that covers up the great expanse of shirt tends to look neater. One of the particularly fun things about waistcoats, though, is their potential for adding some variation to your outfit. Odd waistcoats with a suit look great, but they work particularly well with tweed, when you can go for colours that you'd never otherwise wear on a suit. Rich, autumnal colours a especially good; for a long time Harvie and Hudson (I think) had a lovely combination of a classic tweed jacket and a bright maroon waistcoat in their window.
Sadly I don't own any maroon waistcoats (yet) but I do have a yellow one that I thought might look nice with a tweed jacket. I've always thought the button stance was a bit high on this waistcoat - I don't like having quite so little tie showing - but it's not a bad look all the same.


  1. If you are looking for a maroon waistcoat, may I recommend Cordings or Picadilly?

  2. I may have a look in Cordings. Do you mean Baron of Picadilly? It's a good idea, although they are down to a handful of remaining items now that they are closing, sadly.

  3. Baron may also be good but as you point out, they are sadly closing down. I have never bought from them so I cannot vouch for their quality.

    Cordings however stock some good waistcoats, although I have to say I don't wear wasitcoats in general. I purchased a tweed jacket from them in Jan, during their sales. Still pricey and it was my second choice (the first choice design was not in my size) but well worth the effort.


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