Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Shoes: Correspondents

Correspondent (or sometimes co-respondent) shoes aren't a particularly easy style to pull off. Almost always brogued, they're usually black and white or brown and cream. They're fairly rare these days, and have picked up unfortunate connotations of dandies, rogues and generally people who are a little too keen to have their clothing make a statement.

Still, illustrations like the one above do still make me hanker after a pair of brown/cream correspondents to wear for the summer. Perhaps this year I ought to get some - I like to think there's always room in my wardrobe for something a bit silly.


  1. You try finding something worthwhile to blog about every day...!

  2. I often wondered how they got the name correspondent shoes...I have also heard them refered to a spectator shoes...never bothered to research it either.
    I loved your thread about Black Tie...nice work mate.

  3. Ah yes, I'd forgotten spectator shoes is another name for them.
    Glad you liked the black tie posts. There's a lot more material there, so I might do a second Black Tie Week at some point, if people found it interesting.

  4. it's something to do with the likelihood that the co respondent in a divorce case was likely to be a spivy type who may well wear these kind of shoes

  5. I liked the black tie wire, I often wonder how they got the name for footwear, I also heard that refers to a spectator shoes, never bothered to research either.


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