Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A silk dressing gown

I seem to have come down with a spring cold, so I am spending the evening in the flat in my dressing gown feeling sorry for myself. This reminds me that I've always hankered after a gown like Bertie Wooster's. (Bertie is a common source of reference for me, you may have noticed, and I'm not ashamed to admit it...)

Bertie owns a lovely silk dressing gown with, and this is what I particularly like, quilted collar and cuffs. Silk dressing gowns themselves can be bought for as little as a couple of hundred pounds, but finding one with the quilting seems much, much harder. To date, I have only seen them in New and Lingwood, where they have some nice looking ones in the window. I daren't think how much they are, but since a cashmere one on the website is nearly nine hundred pounds, I suspect that the silk ones will fall well into that category of 'things that are simply not worth the money for something that cannot possibly be worn outside the home'. A pity, to be sure, since I'm certain one would give me great comfort in this time of illness.

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  1. Those gowns go for between 500 and 900 GBP, they come with quilting in two varieties, silk and velvet (though the quilting is not done by hand).

    I have one, well worth it IMHO


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