Friday, 9 April 2010

At the races

It's the Grand National tomorrow. Sadly I shan't be going - I'll be watching on TV - but for those of you who do go, it's nice to make the effort to look smart. Although there's no specific dress code, and it's a much less formal event than Royal Ascot, appropriately smart country attire is traditional at race events.

Brown suits or odd jackets are a good bet, as is a silk scarf and a decent covert coat to stave off the cold. Knee-high riding boots may be a bit much for the average spectator (although don't let me stop you, if you really feel the need) but thick-soled derbies, or even chelsea boots, might be a good move if you're likely to end up tramping around in damp grass.

Of course, the thing to really appreciate in the above picture is the importance of keeping a decent supply of drink with you.


  1. I know this is not related at all but I just wanted to say I indulged in my own useful blazer project recently. I had a waist alteration, with button replacements using a set from Benson and Clegg and working cuff eyelets added for the sleeve. All for £50 from Graham Browne tailors:

  2. Our Steeplechase season has begun here in Eastern U.S. and one will certainly see gents attired like the ones depicted in your post. While I take my tailgating seriously at these races...and my wagering, my kit tends more towards a sport coat and jeans...and good whiskey.Great site and posts. Cheers

  3. Hestor - seems like pretty good value to add working cuffs - you've done well. Are you pleased with it? Where did the original blazer come from?

    Mail Line Sportsman - thanks, I'm glad you enjoy it. I love that this picture seems to show an early form of tailgating! If you're ever in the UK, you should try and get to Royal Ascot - it's one of the few remaining opportunities to wear morning dress, quite apart from being a great day of flat racing.

  4. Marks and Sparks like yours. The tailors seem to be decent and have had good reviews before. When I have set aside the money, I might get my first bespoke suit from these guys before trying Saville Row.


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