Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The sad decline of the tie

A particularly appropriate sketch over at Nicholas Bate's blog.

I was in the City yesterday meeting with a client based out of a large, smart office complex housing a few big-name financial service businesses. The lobby was swarming with men in suits, and yet a surprising number of them weren't wearing a tie. Style forumites often talk knowingly of things that 'of course, wouldn't be acceptable in The City', as though finance remains a bastion of old-fashioned clothing values. The reality, of course, is rather different. Suits may still be generally required, but for the non client-facing majority of of junior and mid-level workers, ties are becoming increasingly optional.
Does it matter? Maybe, maybe not. Many men seem terrified of dressing smartly, but dressing as casually as you can get away with is shortchanging yourself. Ties are a key part of a formal outfit, and give you an opportunity to vary your daily atire far more cheaply than suits or even shirts do.


  1. Couldn't agree more!

  2. Opinion needed!

    Are elbow patches a good addition to a jacket (say tweed or herringbone cloth)? Maybe you would consider writing a blogpost on this and how to personalise a jacket?

  3. Antonio - I do apologise for the delay in replying. My only excuse is that I have been very busy with starting a new job this week. Your question is a good one and I shall do my next blog post on it.



  4. There is simply no point wearing a suit if one is not also wearing a tie. The suited-but-tieless look is incongruous and sloppy.


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