Thursday, 29 April 2010

Still Open

The other day my brother found a brilliant little book which he bought for our coffee table - Still Open: The Guide to Traditional London Shops is full of the fantastic boutique shops, bars and cafes that make London such an exciting city to live in.
Although it's by no means exclusively about clothes shops, it's pretty hard to write about 'traditional London shops' without dedicating a fair amount of space to the gems of the style industry. Bates the Hatter (in its old location), John Lobb (including a frankly amazing picture of a room containing hundreds and hundreds of wooden lasts), and James Smith and Sons are all included, as are delicatessens, barber shops, and the wonderful Brick Lane Beigel Bake.

Still Open undeniably makes a great coffee table book, but personally I've found it an inspiration to go and explore some of the shops it includes that I've not yet been to and, in many cases, not even heard of. For Londoners and tourists alike, I reckon you could do a good deal worse than just spending a few days exploring the recommendations of this wonderful book.

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