Monday, 19 April 2010

White Tie

Well, my first attempt at white tie was fairly successful. I never really got the shirt sorted to my satisfaction, but I'll fix that next time.

Opportunities to wear white tie are relatively few and far between, but I think it's always fun, and sometimes enlightening, to assemble and wear an outfit like this that's been almost unchanged for nearly a century.


  1. I wear White tie exactly one time per year...and enjoy it. You pulled it of perfectly! You look smashing.

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  3. Main Line Sportsman - Thanks! Very kind of you to say so. Yep, there aren't many opportunities to wear it, but it's great fun when the chance does arise.
    At the party I attended, a few people turned up in bright red hunt tailcoats, which you might have enjoyed.

  4. Hi, I just visited your website and I'am glad to see that some over people than me still wearing the white tie. I'am french from Lyon, student in economics, I'am 22 and I used to wear a white tie when I go to the opera house and others classical music events only, but that's always a pleasure !
    You wear it very well. Keep enjoying that !


    Translation for my compatriots ;) :
    Bonjour, je viens juste de visiter ton site et je suis heureux de voir que d'autres personnes que moi continuent de porter l'habit. Je suis français, je viens de Lyon, étudiant en économie, j'ai 22 ans, et j'ai l'habitude de porter l'habit pour me rendre à l'opéra ou à d'autre évènements ayant trait à la musique classique, et c'est toujours un plaisir.
    En tout cas tu porte cette tenue d'une façon admirable, continue !


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