Thursday, 6 May 2010

Boat Shoes

As planned, I bought a pair of boat shoes from Charles Tyrwhitt over the weekend. Boat shoes are ideal for summer, and seem to be especially popular this year. The Charles Tyrwhitt ones are, I think, especially good, and quite classic in stye. The ones I ended up buying are dark blue with brown leather vamp and heel, and the traditional white soles.
The blue and brown style looks great, in my opinion, and is a classic style for these, although many seem to have the body made of canvass, rather than suede. I'm not sure if that's more original - it probably is a little cooler in warm weather.

If you do get some, try them with light coloured jeans, with chinos or sockless with shorts. Their yachting background makes them inherently casual shoes, so more appropriate for weekend wear or a very laid-back working environment, but they'll still be a step up from trainers or flip-flops in the summer months.


  1. Cannot say I am with you on the 2 tone model...

  2. Ah well - can't please everyone!

  3. Beautiful shoes!

  4. Nice shoes! Socks though, look very strange with boat shoes.


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