Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Style Icon: Francis Urquhart

As the latest Old Etonian moves in to number 10, it seemed like a good opportunity to look at a fictional Old Etonian Prime Minister as todays style icon.

Francis Urquhart, unlike some people in the series House of Cards, dresses with noticeable sobriety. He favours dark blue suits with a subtle stripe, plan white or discretely striped shirts, and dark ties. In particular he wears his Old Etonian tie a great deal of the time, something that I suspect David Cameron is quite unlikely to do...

Nevertheless (OE tie notwithstanding), Urquhart's dress sense is good, if perhaps uninteresting. His neat three piece suits, perfectly adjusted tie with small four-in-hand knots, and slightly battered brown trilby all put todays politicians to shame. He is no less perfectly, if boringly, dressed when retiring to his country home, where he wears tweed suits and soft brown or green ties.

And, finally, like any true gentleman, he knows how to dress for dinner.

Of course, Mr Urquhart is a murderer, a liar, a fraudster and very probably a sociopath, so Mr Cameron may not find him an especially useful role model. Nevertheless, he could do worse than take a few pointers from Mr Urquhart's restrained, dignified and above all English dress sense.


  1. You might check out Ian Carmichael as Lord Peter Whimsey, he carries off such style!

  2. I always thought it odd that Francis wears an Eton tie when he attended Fettes in Edinburgh.


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