Thursday, 1 July 2010


An almost inviolable rule of dressing is that if an item of clothing is designed to be worn to play sport, then it ought only be worn to play that sport. Of course, clothes do cross the divide eventually - polo shirts being a notable example, but they no longer bear much relation to real sportswear. Actually wearing items of clothing that would not look out of place on a sports field is rarely a good idea. Of course, this is particularly relevant at the moment because the streets are flooded with people wearing football shirts. More fool them, if you ask me, but its no skin off my nose.

Still, it did remind me that there is one item of clothing that still maintains a reasonably strong sporting link and which, nevertheless, I happen to think looks great as an item of casual-wear.

The cricket jumper is, of course, just a certain style of cable-knit v-neck, and rarely worn on the cricket pitch these days, so perhaps it too has made the leap to being just casual wear. Still, I think part of its appeal is that it retains an association with sport, and especially relaxed summer sports, that makes it the perfect jumper to throw on as the sun goes down on a summer evening with jeans, chinos, cotton ducks or linen trousers.

Hackett do a nice one, although the different coloured bands strike me as a bit odd and, in any case, I prefer sleeveless cricket jumpers. Ralph Lauren also almost certainly do them, although the one on their website is a rather non-traditional style. Still, if you're looking for a more reasonably-priced option, then you could do a lot worse than the Help for Heroes one. Traditional, with a club-style colour scheme that you're perfectly entitled to, and the money is for an excellent cause too.

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  1. I like how easy it is to be fashionable when wearing sportswear these days. I just like how I can wear polo shirts that are suited to sports, but that I can wear on a normal day out too.


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