Tuesday, 28 September 2010


There are only really two materials worth making braces from. Silk braces are ideal with evening wear and, perhaps, in warmer weather. For colder weather, more casual wear, or just because you feel like it, boxcloth is the only other option.

Heavy boxcloth braces in bold colours, with their brass adjusters and leather attachments, look fantastic, and are the very antithesis or the sort of skinny, elasticated, clip-on braces that are all too common.

Albert Thurston is perhaps best known for this sort of thing, but my recent acquisitions come from Ede and Ravenscroft - an impulse purchase when I noticed that they sold them with the white leather fastenings that are so much harder to find that the more usual black ones, and which I just couldn't resist.

They also do a nice pair of dark green ones which may, I think, look rather nice with my new tweed suit. On the subject of the suit, in case any of you were wondering what has happened to it, it was completed some time ago but I have been waiting for autumn for an occasion to wear it. Now that the weather is getting colder, I expect it will make an appearance on my next trip to the country.


  1. I love a good pair of braces with suit...and certainly not cip-ons...which are just hideous...

  2. I like the colorful braces much better than the regular black ones - these on the photo are great!

  3. Braces are the daddy. It's rather annoying how most trouser suits do not seem to make provision for brace buttons though.

  4. Jake - I was wondering whether you could kindly advise me on what sort of colour brace (and any patterns) would go suitably with a scarlet-red stripe shirt? I have never been daring enough to choose those polka dots or stripe versions.

  5. Well, maybe now is the time! I would probably avoid striped braces with a striped shirt, but polka dot ones would look very nice.
    For a reasonably safe option, you could go for plain blue silk or boxcloth braces. A fairly light 'air-force' blue, or even sky blue should work really nicely; either plain, or with some kind of pattern. White dots would be fairly uncontroversial, but other colours could easily work.

    I hope that helps a bit. I wouldn't worry about it too much, though - braces are essentially underwear, and so to a certain extent you are able to get away with wearing colours and patterns that might not go with the shirt especially well, in a way that you couldn't with a tie or a pocket square.

  6. Jake

    Cannot agree that braces are essentially underwear these days. It is impossible to keep them hidden all the time, and i for one do not. Also, I seem to see far more young guys sporting their braces openly, which if it keeps the makers in business can only be good.


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