Tuesday, 19 June 2012

As Ascot kicks off, here is an argument for dress codes

"Evening dress is cheap, simple, durable, prevents rivalry and extravagance on the part of male leaders of fashion, annihilates class distinctions and gives men who are poor and doubtful of their social position (that is, the great majority of men) a sense of security and satisfaction that no clothes of their own choosing could confer, besides saving a whole sex the trouble of considering what they should wear on state occasions."
George Bernard Shaw


  1. I agree wholeheartedly; apart from the bit about it being cheap.

  2. Hmm. My dinner jacket (1930s vintage) cost me £25 from Oxfam in 1989. I have worn it at least twice a year since then, so I wouldn't say it was expensive. Interesting though that Mr Shaw (who was very much a leftie and into 'dress reform') would say a DJ was classless. Imagine a 'Guardianista' saying that today!


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