Sunday, 16 September 2012

Shoes: Loafers

Brown brogues may be, in my view, amongst the most versatile and practical of shoes, but loafers have a special place in my heart. Comfortable, sleek and relaxed, they offer a diversity of style and a range of decorative potential that particularly appeals to me.

All through the summer, loafers are the ideal thing to go with chinos or linen suits and can even be worn sockless. Even as autumn approaches, though, they're a great staple for everyday wear with a jacket and flannels. I'll happily even wear the suede Eton loafers with tweed, although I'll admit they're not best suited to wearing in wet weather...
The tassel loafers are a slightly bolder choice, and have seen their fair share of friendly mockery, but I love them. There's some satisfaction to be had from wearing something just a touch more showy on your feet, I find.
As I've said before, brogues and oxfords are a great staple, but loafers are just a bit more fun, and well worth owning to give your wardrobe some added flexibility.


  1. Stupid, vain fool: can't you think of something
    more interesting to write about?


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