Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Debrett's to launch accessories range

Debrett's, the specialist publisher famous for its books on etiquette and its register of aristocrats and other notable figures, is apparently planning to launch its own range of accessories. I can't say I'm surprised; although Debrett's books are excellent, they are both niche and relatively few (about 13 titles, not counting the Peerage and Baronetage or the annual editions of People of Today) and it's hard to see how they make enough sales to stay afloat in what is a very difficult climate even for much larger publishers and booksellers.

Information is fairly scarce (and largely behind a paywall on a ladies fashion site that I have no intention of subscribing to) but it seems that Jodie Kidd has been called upon to design the range, and my guess is that it will be fairly female-focused and revolve around the sort of smallish leather goods that can be more easily sold online. In some ways it's a shame that Debrett's is moving away from its core expertise, but their existing leatherbound diaries and notebooks are nicely made and I wouldn't rule purchasing out a wallet or something. That said, I can't help wondering if they'd end up being rather indistinguishable from the range of (undeniably very nice) wallets already made by people like Smythson, Aspinal of London, Mulberry, and so on. Do we really need another brand doing the same thing?

Do let me know if you have any more information on this.

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