Monday, 25 March 2013

New Ties - Atkinson's

I was wandering around Selfridges yesterday, on the look out for a couple of new ties, when I came across a manufacturer I'd not heard of before. Atkinsons specialise in ties made from Irish Poplin, a distinctively matte cloth made from a blend of merino wool and silk. The company has been around for nearly two hundred years, and is proud of having been popular with a number of royals over the years.

For myself, I particularly liked the soft look of the poplin. It seems to go better with some of my suits than the 100% silk ties that make up the bulk of my wardrobe, and is particularly suitable as a casual tie to be worn with a jumper and a button-down shirt.

Although it's not too obvious in this picture, the tie is a large, very dark, green and blue check. It's completely unlike anything else I own, and I love it. Although I think it goes nicely with the casual outfit above, I also think it will go rather well with a white shirt and a dark suit as sub-dinner-jacket evening wear, when the tie will look almost (but, crucially, not quite) black.

The other purchase was a black and white tie in a large houndstooth pattern and the same soft, matte poplin. This will be particularly suitable for Ascot, where a macclesfield check is traditional but any black-and-white tie is ideal. In fact, however, I think it will work nicely as a smart and restrained tie for any relatively formal occasion. It also makes a nice chance since almost all of my favourite ties currently are some variation on dark blue silk, so it's definitely time for some variation.


  1. That dark green and blue check looks like a Black Watch tartan to me.

    1. Good point - it's definitely very similar. It looks a bit darker to me, but I can't actually find a definitive reference for Black Watch tartan.


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