Friday, 26 April 2013

Seersucker Suits

I was amused to read that a Missouri Senator has proposed a ban on seersucker suits. Although no doubt done in jest, it seemed a shame that he dislikes them so much. Although I can't quite imagine myself wearing one, at least not with the kind of weather we get over here, they have a glorious tradition in warmer parts of the world and can look very elegant if well-made and well-fitting.

Seersucker is a cotton fabric woven in such a way as to create a warped or bubble effect. Apart from the aesthetic appeal (or lack of appeal, depending on your point of view) this actually has practical benefits in a hot climate: firstly, it creates space for air to circulate through and under the fabric, and stops is clinging to the body. Secondly, it is relatively resistant to wrinkles and needn't (and shouldn't) be pressed, so perfect for sticky days in India or the southern states of America.

In the USA, seersucker is considered traditional southern dress and, until last year, one Thursday in June was seersucker day in Congress. I think it's a shame that particular tradition has fallen by the wayside, but there we go.

Perhaps more than almost anything else, seersucker has to be done right. In the right place, at the right temperature, with the right accessories and the right fit, it can look smashing. Get some of these wrong though, and it's easy to look ludicrous, and incur the wrath of Missouri Senators.

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  1. Horrible, horrible, horrible! I detest them. They're right up there with cheese-cloth shirts. Any gentleman who wishes to remain cool in warm weather should wear a linen or linen/silk blend suit.
    Seersucker suits, in my opinion, belong at best in the 1970's, at worst should only be sold in H&M to people who know no better.

  2. I love my Halpern seersucker suit and bring it along on summer vacations to Cape Cod. Perfect for the warm days sailing, and cool nights its dressy enough for dinner, and the jacket is warm but light enough watching the sunset, walking on the beach barefoot and pant cuffs rolled up for toes in the water. Its my go to summer suit!


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