Thursday, 27 June 2013

Hitting the Summer Sales 1 - New and Lingwood Shirts

I mostly buy shirts in the sales - twice a year I can pick up a handful from New and Lingwood or Ede and Ravenscroft and then not worry for another six months. It generally keeps me stocked up, and means I get the shirts I like at prices I can (more or less) afford. On this occasion, it seemed wrong not to take advantage of New and Lingwood's very generous 3 shirts for £175 offer...

They're slim-fits again, which fit me much better. Last time I bought slim fits I noted that, as well as the cut, the style was different - with a French front (i.e. no placket) and square tails with no gusset. I'm not sure if that was on the dubious but oft-cited basis that a French front flatters slimmer people, or the even more dubious notion that people who favour a slim-fit shirt inevitably also favour a 'modern' style. Either way, I'm quite pleased to note that all three of these shirts are identical to the standard New and Lingwood style aside from the narrower cut. I assume that's a decision across the board, rather than a coincidence of my selections, but I could be wrong.

Two of the shirts are useful informal shirts with button-cuffs of the sort I tend to wear with a casual jacket or jumper, one in pink herringbone and the other in blue houndstooth. The third is more formal with a double cuff and the sort of very cutaway collar that I am increasingly keen on. I don't often wear a checked shirt with a suit, but I'm quite pleased to have this as an option particularly on occasions when I want to wear my striped three-piece Hackett suit without too much of an overload of stripe...


  1. Jake - did you notice if Budd was having a sale?
    Cheers, BB

    1. I didn't, I'm afraid. Sorry. I can try and swing past when I'm back on Monday, though.

  2. Jake - I will actually be in London later next week and will swing by Budd. In years past their sales have not been at the same time as most other Jermyn street shops. Perhaps under the new ownership this might change. I'll also be shopping the shoes sales for a pair of tan and white correspondents. And of course consuming as many g&t's as possible at my club's bar, as they taste so much better in London than in the US - has something to do with the tonic.
    Cheers. BB

    1. Ideal summer wear. Best of luck!

      Sounds like the perfect way to enjoy the current sunny spell. Old fashioneds always seem to taste better in New York so perhaps it's only fair that G&Ts taste better in London...

      Have a good trip.


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