Monday, 17 June 2013

Luggage: Pierre Cardin suit carrier

You may recall that a few months ago I posted about my search for the perfect collection of gentleman's luggage. Both the most important and most difficult to find part of all this was a perfect suit carrier. I was looking for something that would comfortably fit not just a suit and a couple of shirts, but also had pockets for wash kit, shoes, and other bits and pieces. That way, if needed, the right suit carrier could contain everything I'd need for a weekend away.

The trouble was, it seemed to be almost impossible to find what I was after. Suit carriers seem to come in one of two types: a) large with lots of pockets, but extremely ugly and made of lots of hard-wearing black material or b) elegant leather or canvas covers with no room for anything but a suit.

Despite a fair bit of searching, I couldn't find anything that combined the best of both worlds, with the exception of Aspinal of London's offering for £500. Tempting, but just too expensive.

In the end, it took a trip to eBay to finally find exactly what I was after. And it only cost me £16 plus £32 to have it couriered to me because it was collection-only and I was too lazy to go to Croydon. Still a bargain though. It's a Pierre Cardin suit carrier made of smart blue canvas edged with leather. The main compartment could easily hold a suit and a couple of shirts, probably even two suits at a pinch, but there are also two zipped pockets inside for shoes, and two large external pockets to carry assorted other items needed for a weekend away.

It's literally exactly what I was after, and I actually find it slightly surprising that what I wanted clearly does (or did) exist, but it took me going to ebay to find it. Perhaps its a question of what is fashionable - as far as I can tell even Pierre Cardin no longer makes bags quite like this but, like everyone else, only offers the ugly black nylon ones.

And now I can't help wondering if PC ever made a matching grip or weekend bag. If anyone spots one, do let me know...

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