Friday, 26 June 2015


Just thought I'd post to state what is, I am sure, blindingly obvious to anyone looking at this blog: I am no longer regularly updating, and I do not anticipate posting again in the foreseeable future.

I loved doing this blog and I am delighted to have made a number of friends through it, to have met and spoken to some people I'd never otherwise have met, and even on many (well, two) occasions to have been approached by total strangers who recognised me from the blog. That's a fun feeling - thank you to both of you!

However, in some ways this blog has charted my own exploration of classic style from first developing an interest to reaching a point where it's simply part of how I dress, and no longer something I think particularly deeply about, so I find it increasingly difficult to consistently cover new topics. In addition, I am increasingly busy with a lot of new projects and other interests and if I ever do start blogging again I think I'd be more likely to talk about some of the other things I'm up to (the trouble with a blog about clothes is that it never seems like the right place to talk about my other interests - and I do actually have some!). So, watch this space for maybe another blog appearing at some point.

I am, however, fairly proud of (most of) my posts over the last few years and I hope that, if you have not already, you might delve into some of the backlog. The nice thing about writing about classic menswear is that it does not really get out of date.

Thanks for reading!


Update: next year I am running the Marathon des Sables, known (not entirely accurately) as 'the world's toughest footrace'. I will be blogging a bit about the experience, including my training and planning, as well as other general running and fitness stuff. Will be very It different to St James Style blog and may not be of much interest to my readers but, if you want to take a look, you can find my first few posts here:  Marathon des Sables 2016 blog


  1. Hi Jake,

    It'll be a great loss not to hear any more from you about your experience of studying the classic timeless style of dress. The expertise you must have accrued over time is invaluable.

    Wonder if I could consult you on some matters?? Not so much re. style but advice on current status of shirt-makers & tailors (many have gone downhill over the years)

    What would be the best way to contact you? I'm one of those strangers who recognised you in public.


    A. R. K.

    P.S.- Perhaps one evdning at the OC Bar?

  2. Hey,
    I'm really sorry for the slow reply, I haven't been keeping an eye on the blog and I only just read this comment. If you drop me a message through the contact form to the right, that will come through to my email address. Would be very happy to meet up and have a chat some time, especially at the OC Bar!


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